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Looking to get a loan with bad credit or may be finding ways to fix it? No problem, you can get a bad credit loans as well as rebuild your credit rating! It’s not any more a strange human curiosity in relation to past when it used to deliver shyness when finding out solutions to get relief from critical credit history, due to limited resources, unavailability of bad credit lending institutions while few helpless borrowers felt hesitation in asking for the bad credit loan. Best thing is this now we have plenty of bad credit lenders offering variety of solutions to help such needy class of increased population, you are not alone today who is asking for a financial help in your credit crisis. Today’s economy is reflecting a continuous inflow of more and more people with bad credit even globally. As Canadian economic environment relates with the international financial practice and credit situation, that’s the reason we can also see lot of people among us searching for bad credit loans in Canada. There are so many different reasons that can turn down your good credit in to bad but in presence of high risk lenders offering variety of bad credit solutions may help you in providing loan and or improve your credit score, you deserve. Here at bad credit loans Canada, you will get information about various types of bad credit loans and solutions that will help you in fixing and getting loan with bad credit.

Types of Bad Credit Loans Canada

Bad credit loans Canada can be divided in to two types, secured and unsecured loans. These are the basic loan options which are available to borrowers either individual or commercial having any sort of credit history. As monetary debts like personal loans are generally considered as unsecured loans in relation to asset based financing like mortgages, home improvement loans and auto financing but borrower’s own specific circumstances will better determine whether to invest in a secured or unsecured loan.

Secured Loans – A secured loan is a loan in which the borrower pledges some form of personal asset having real cash value that can work as a loan guarantee, property and car are the assets that are mostly used as collateral that’s the reason when you apply for a mortgage loan or a car loan, most of the lenders don’t hesitate to approve your loan application in case you have bad credit history. Secured loans offer the best option to all those individuals having un-established and, or ruin credit history. The main advantage of applying for a secured loan or line of credit is that you can get more money for longer terms on lower interest rates than unsecured loans. An individual who owns some kind of assets / property but facing bad credit history can apply for a bad credit secured loans on best possible rates and terms.

Unsecured Loans – An unsecured loan does not require any collateral to obtain the loan, you can get qualified without owning any asset (property, equity, title, etc.). As there is no security or title needed from borrowers and the whole risk lies with the lenders that make lending criteria tighter in relation to secured loans. The unsecured loans offer relatively smaller loan amount than with secured loans. Likewise, higher interest rates, shorter loan terms and the repayment period. While unsecured loans may be obtained more quickly as it required less or no paperwork. Payday loans or cash advances are the best examples of bad credit unsecured loans which a borrower can obtain within an hour or two without a credit check and lengthy documentations.

Following are the various types of secured and unsecured loans you can get having good credit, no credit or bad credit:

Mortgages – It’s a secured loan in which the collateral is the property or a real estate you purchase. A mortgage loan is a common sort of debt instrument in which money is mostly used for buying housing or property. Mortgage loan lenders belong to such kind of financial institution which takes big and long term credit risk in exchange of a lien on the title to the house as a security, until the full mortgage is paid off. In case the borrower defaults on the said loan, the mortgage lender would have the legal right to repossess the property to recover money owing to it by selling it in the market. As a mortgage loan is secured by housing, it may help a bad credit mortgage lender to accept a bad credit mortgage loans application.

Personal Loans – It’s generally an unsecured loan made for a fixed purpose that usually holds fixed interest rates, fixed repayment period for a fixed loan amount but also come as a Secured loan. Personal loans are typically offered as general purpose loans that borrowers can obtain from private lenders and banks. The personal loan amount may be available from $1,000 to $50,000 but maximum amount that borrower can receive depends on his credit rating. Although an unsecured bad credit personal loans Canada from banks for maximum terms and higher loan amounts are very difficult to get due to their strict qualification requirements but in presence of private bad credit lenders today, you may get a relief from such hard bank rules and loan criteria. These bad credit lenders, also known as high risk lenders that have made short term unsecured bad credit loans quick and easy task for borrowers facing poor credit history. Homeowners and people who can offer some sort of collateral can apply for a long term secured high risk personal loan having bad credit history.

Payday Loans – It’s a short term unsecured personal loans that accept people having good, bad or no credit history and score on same fixed rates and terms. Payday loans offer hassle free fastest way to get quick cash directly deposited in to your bank account in relation to applying through traditional loans at the bank. Payday cash loans are a relatively easy to apply and fast to get product of a consumer finance marketplace that can be accessed either in-person or online. Payday loans for people with bad credit are treated same way as good or no credit history that’s why it make bad credit lenders to deliver their same hassle free financial service for the bad credit payday loans Canada. If you ever caught in financial emergency that requires quick cash to cover the unexpected bills and expenses, payday cash advances is a convenient way to receive quick cash loans for bad credit till your next paycheck or pay day.

Title Loans – It’s a secured loan in which title is used as collateral to get a loan. Title loan is simply used for vehicle, auto or car title loans. Title loans are typically short-term loans that may be provided for a year or two, and tend to carry high interest rates as compared to other sources of credit. Car title loans Canada generally considered as a best option to get secured bad credit loans in Canada because title lenders usually don’t check the credit history of borrowers. The amount and approval of loan depends on the value and condition of the vehicle that is being used to secure the loan. If you are employed or earning a regular income from other sources, you are entitled to apply for a loan and approval can be made in less than an hour.

Car Loans – It’s a secured loan in which the collateral is the vehicle you buy. Borrower with any kind of credit situation can obtain a car loan to purchase a new or used car of his choice. The loan term is considerably shorter that often depends on the useful life of the car. Auto loans are of two types, direct or indirect auto loan. When a consumer directly applies and gets a loan from a bank, financial institution or car loan lender, it’s said to be a direct auto loan otherwise its indirect if applied through an auto or car dealer because it acts as an intermediary between a financial institution and the consumer. Nature of car financing is secured that’s the reason it justify all those consumers who are applying for a bad credit car loans Canada.

Credit Repair Loans – If you are looking for no credit or bad credit loans Canada, most of the tradition banks will not approve your loan request accordingly and on the other hand private lenders who have specially customized their financial service for such class of borrowers, they will not even provide you best rates, terms and amount according to your requirement. In such a critical situation, credit repair loans provide great opportunity for bad credit consumers to successfully repair their bad credit rating or build their initial credit history in Canada for borrowers having un-established or no credit history. Credit Repair Loans offer custom-designed loans for people with bad credit in Canada to help them strengthen their credit history through a secured credit card (line-of-credit) or investing their loan in a secure Guaranteed Investment Certificate which help these people to start savings and earn interest on their investment.

Credit Cards: – An unsecured loan that allows credit card holder to take benefit of borrowing through a line of credit by charging their credit card to credit merchants for the purchased item. Borrower can make more than one purchase, according to their credit limit. If low credit score doesn’t allow you to obtain a credit card, you can opt for bad credit credit cards. Canadian residents have variety of options of getting secured or unsecured credit cards in case they don’t have a good credit history through great number of available companies online and offline including banks and other financial enterprises. Usually people with bad credit can easily get pre-paid cards, however bad credit credit cards issuing companies also offer such cards against some collateral. There are most of the people that like to get pre-paid cards as a best option for the bad credit cards in Canada because there is no interest rate on such type of cards. Moreover, these cards work like debit cards that hold fixed credit limit in accordance with the how much money you have deposited.

Moreover, there are varieties of other loan programs that comply with the term bad credit loans Canada, like you may apply for a student loan, business loan, home improvement loan, home equity loan, home equity credit line, personal line of credit, etc. These above mentioned loans are generally come under secured loans that make it easy for consumers to apply with all kinds of credit histories and scores.

Most of the financial services are available for all the provinces and territories of Canada: Alberta (AB), British Columbia (BC), Manitoba (MB), New Brunswick (NB), Newfoundland (NL), Northwest Territory (NT), Nova Scotia (NS), Ontario (ON), Nunavut (NU), Prince Edward Island (PE), Quebec (QC), Saskatchewan (SK), Yukon Territory (YT).


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